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Update by user Oct 30, 2017

They are at it AGAIN ! I STOPPED using this site after they STOLE from me, TRIED TO BLACKMAIL me, tried to cover it up, and then LIED about the entire thing!

Well my referral made enough money for me to cash out so they OF COURSE sent me an on site mail wanting me to mark this resolved. I ask you would YOU mark this resolved after they did all of these things? I cashed out $10.16 paypal that they are refusing to give me UNLESS I MARK THIS RESOLVED LMAO! YOU SEE THEY ARE BACK TO BLACKMAIL LOL?

WHY would give in to them? I am not hard up for money. I will make sure people KNOW what kind of place they are dealing with. This is not facebook, this not their chat.

They can not delete the truth or ban me for telling it. I have uploaded a screen shot of "Mrs Snow" and her blackmail comment IN CHAT.

Update by user Oct 30, 2017

I stopped using this site after they REVOKED ALREADY CHASED OUT GIFT CARDS FOR A TOTAL OF $116 WORTH. They did this because I refused to mark THIS review as resolved.

My referral made money and then they sent me this: Inbox message details From Admin Subject Review Date 10/16/2017 07:28 PM Reply 10/16/2017 07:28 PM Admin Hi, can you please update and mark this review as resolved ( )? Thank you. Since they STOLE FROM ME AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!


Update by user Jul 03, 2017

Thank You for contacting Tango Card. In reviewing your below escalation, I can see that an Amazon gift card was redeemed today using Tango Cards linked to you.

Can you please provide me with some feedback regarding your connection to Andrew Day and Day Online Solutions A.K.A What website linked to Andrew did you earn those points on?

Update by user Jul 03, 2017

AVOID! They blocked me from cashing out after I posted a bad review on Pissed Consumer about a NON-PAYING survey.

Then they REVOKED a bunch of previous gift card cashouts!!!!Tango cards do not work like traditional gift cards. They are ONLY available as rewards OR if you have a "funded" account (which is really only for businesses). You get a tango egift card which can LATER be used for the gift card of your choice on the web site. Because Andrew Day had a hissy fit over a bad review (oh noes!) and [blocked my access to rewards (and chat LOL) "until I mark it resolved"]( The PREVIOUSLY cashed out and deposited INTO my OWN Tango Card account gift cards were ALL sent to ZERO.

I have contacted the BBB,, FBI Internet Fraud, The FTC, and his domain provider GoDaddy to inform them of his FRAUD! instaGC

Update by user Jul 02, 2017

$116 worth of tango cards that I previously cashed out via instagc were DE-FUNDED! This is FRAUD! I will NOT tolerate this!

Update by user Jul 02, 2017

I do not know how but they revokes my tango cashouts! I am beyond "pissed". AVOID THIS PACE!

Update by user Jul 02, 2017

I do not respond well to threats. And since you "delayed" paying me while chat banning me for voicing the truth...

Now I went out fishing and come back to your threats of preventing me from using the site ! LOL Well I can say this...

You really are a piece of work! And There are SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better sites out there then yours!

Update by user Jul 01, 2017

Posting HERE gets you banned from chat LOL!!!!!

Original review posted by user Jun 27, 2017

*CX-125651 Female Cat Owners Study1156/22/17 01:39 PM Cheated out of $1.15 ! Hardly anything credit here any more.

Not even adbistro. I am spending ALLOT more time on swagbucks now. I can make ALLOT more on videos alone. This place is a COMPLETE and utter waste of time.

I will leave it to all the others that do not value their time to piddle away and be ripped off here. I am not going to allow it to be done to me! I will stick to the 3 to 4 things that pay on this site and ONLY do those from now on. And if that stop paying ...

good riddance to bad rubbish!

I have better things to do ! :D

Product or Service Mentioned: Instagc Survey Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Instagc Cons: Does not pay, Losing a lot of point money and rewards, Not being paid for completed activities and surveys.

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Could you mark this as resolved please?

We would like to move forward as all has been resolved. We'd hope to see you back to being more active and will offer you an additional bonus once you do, such as 500 point bonus after your next 500 points earned. If not, we thank you for being a member and best of luck in the future.


Since you are AGAIN resorting to blackmail for a better or resolved complaint/review after stealing, covering it up, lying about the whole thing I would rather make sure the world knows about your true nature!

Your pending reward request has now been processed.


Great job!

11,600 points have been added to your account over the Tango gift card issue. Please re-redeem different gift cards as it appears the Tango ones are not working properly at this time.


Trying to cover your ***.

I'm gonna lol when this gets your site banned from reddit.

How dumb can you guys be

@random redditor

@random redditor

We are actually here to help all and to make sure everything is fair. Unfortunately with some gift cards from time to time there are issues.


ROFLMAO The only "issue" was that you stole.


Based on the continued threats I can only assume that if I do not mark this resolved (as they are demanding I do) that they will ban me from the site. I think it is funny that upon completing a survey they waited 9 days to pay me yet can not wait for the holiday a DAY before making threats if it is not marked resolved.

On a holiday weekend no less! That is amazing.

You could simply have already marked this as resolved instead of continuing to be angry and negative. Your site access will remain open, unless you were to request your account to be closed. Just mark as resolved and move on, lol.


Charging back over 100 bucks over this review and you tell him to move on? Sounds like someone needs new CSRs tbh.

Wont using your site any more. You clearly have immature people working for you who act vindictively.

The advertising agency conducted their reviews for all attempts on "CX-125651 Female Cat Owners Study" and your credit has now been posted. Thank you for your patience.

This study / survey is still on-going so it would not credit until concluded and all is reviewed. Some credits can be delayed in posting and/or have to be reviewed by the advertising agency before it's deemed as a valid completion. Continue to have patience please.


Funny how other sites pay when the survey is completed...

For these, and other types from the /survey/ area, we wait until the final completes are provided to us by the advertising agency before credits are posted. If this bothers you, do them on the other sites instead. In regards to your "Posting HERE gets you banned from chat LOL!!!!!" comment, you were chat banned prior to making this review here.


That is a very cool story. Too bad it is just another lie...

Sorry to hear you think we are lying but we have no need to lie. By the way we just received these completes via email so they will be posted soon. Hopefully yours is one of the valid completes.

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