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InstaGC is the biggest rewards site fraud I have seen yet. When I first signed up yesterday I had started building up money to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

It seemed great, most offers were working and crediting me fine. So I finally get to 500 Points ($5) hours later.. I go to redeem my points for a Amazon gift card, and it says I need to enter and verify a phone number. That's okay, I do that, enter the code they gave me to verify, and it says everything is all good and you could get back to what you were doing.

So I go again to get a gift card. Then it says about how I need to submit a ticket to support and they wouldn't give me what I worked for. Everything starts going downhill here. I contacted support.

They contacted rather quickly (the one good thing about this) and they told me about how I was supposedly using false information when I signed up and everything. It was total BS, all my info was real. They were saying about how I had significantly changed my info alittle bit before. That wasn't true either, the only thing I "changed" was my phone number since it was required in the first place.

The support in general seemed kinda rude.. They didn't seem forgiving what-so-ever, they were very blunt and vague with their replies. I could tell I was screwed out of my beermoney made for the day. I was right, they then said about how I need to submit an ID so my account could be unblocked again.

When that happened, I logged out and signed up for another account. I wasn't gonna let this BS stop me from my beermoney. So I did that, and I was very careful this time with the info I had on my account. I was very careful with the offers I completed, the info I submitted to them.

I got up to $1, I didn't wanna waste time again for the $5 just incase the same BS situation would happen again. So that didn't take very long, again, the offers were very great and rewarded almost right away. So when I went to get an $1 Amazon Gift Card.. they asked for a phone number again..

Great, just great -.-, since it needed to be another phone number I haven't used before. I used my mobile phone number this time, and it said I could carry on with what I'm doing again. Well guess what? THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!!

THEY LOCKED ME OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AND TOLD ME I NEEDED TO SEND IN A TICKET TO SUPPORT. Once that happened, I said I'm Done. I'm Done. I'm NOT putting up with the BS once again!

That's when I logged out and I never plan on EVER going on there ever again. Not a big deal anyways, since I got Bing Rewards and Swagbucks, which actually work for me and don't scam me! Just wanted alittle bit extra from another site, heard alot of good things about InstaGC, so I gave it a shot. Well if you're thinking about signing up with them, DON'T DO IT!

They will scam you out of your couple bucks you put your precious time into getting!

Rant over, stick to Swagbucks or use Swagbucks if you don't already. Thank you for reading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Instagc Pros: Instant gift cards, Site.

Instagc Cons: Disrespectful treatment, Being stolen from, Poor customer service, Fraud.

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This is the second almost identical review with all the same details. I call bs, by reading both of your reviews it looks like you're the scammer, not Instagc.

Why not just verify your account instead of trying to scam them by circumventing their fraud detection and TOS? Making a second account makes you look like a scammer. I had to verify my account after moving a couple of times and changing my address. It was easy.

Although I do agree customer service is hit or miss. Some mods/admins are wonderful, some are outright horrendous, very rude and should most definitely not have a job in customer service.

I highly doubt they'd treat people so poorly if they were face to face instead of through a computer screen. But for the most part the employees are very kind and helpful, but you always have a few bad apples and that's everywhere.


I have actually been using instagc. For over a year and have not had a problem with it.

I love this site. Its not a scam

We gave you an option to submit your ID to confirm/validate your information or to receive a check to your name/address on file. Sorry to hear that you chose to have your account deleted instead. If you want your account reinstated and to do the ID or check verification option, simply submit a new ticket.


Why do that why not just unlock the account


I mean, why not just give a warning or something like that.. Seems like a serious thing to ask for.


Yes you really are sorry!

We are/were.

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