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Update by user Mar 06, 2015

I feel that it is time to mark this issue as resolved. While I still dont understand how the site runs on Instagc's side (and I dont need to know) I do now know why my points were being held back.

Im not saying it was right, but I do understand that the motive behind it was not malicious like I had thought. Also, I have noticed better customer support by Instagc.

For this I am very appreciative.

I do complain a lot, but I also compliment just as much. I do this on my own volition and was not asked to do this by anyone from Instagc.

Original review posted by user Feb 23, 2015 itself is not a scam. The website is great if you want to earn a little of extra spending money. Its the people running the site that are the scam. First we have moderators who make up rules in chat as they go along. I have seen members banned and they had not broken any of the rules. I have experienced it personally as I got a 10 minute ban for saying, "Time out isnt so bad, it gives me time to rethink my plan. LOL" Why did I get banned? Because a mod took that as serious. It didnt matter that it said LOL. It didnt matter that she/he didnt read the entire conversation. They just felt like banning me. They have a rule that Mods are always right so some take advantage of that. I saw one quote a rule regarding points in the chat but she added her own words to it. What is the sense of having rules if they are not adhered to?

Moving on, the next part of my complaint is about frozen points. When you do any task (trial, sign up, buy a product) and its worth more than 225 points your points are immediately frozen. Why? They will tell you its in case the member decides to cancel the order and still get the points. NOT TRUE. I found out the real reason. It is because they want to make sure they get paid from the advertiser. So, they are holding what we worked for and earned to make sure they get paid which is something we have nothing to do with. The rule itself is faulty as it states points will be frozen from 7-14+ days. See that plus there? They can use it to hold your points for as long as they want. That is exactly what they tried to do to me.

In the beginning of February I bought the Pimsleur Approach discs to learn French. I knew I would have to wait for my points and I was okay with that because I was getting a 5.00 profit at a time when I knew I would need it. My 14 days came. What should have been automatic did not happen. I politely asked them for them at 8:33 am. I did not receive a response by 11:10 so I wrote again asking them did they at least know when they would be released. One hour and 45 minutes later, I was told:

We are evaluating the release status of the offer and will update this Ticket soon as more info is needed/available.

Now they had my confirmation email. They knew I completed the order so what more was there to evaluate? This is what I was told: Nothing on your end at the moment. More information from advertiser. WHAT? Wasnt my confirmation email enough?(No because they needed to make sure they were going to be paid.)

I told them I was going to contact Andrew Day who is from the company Day Online (Instagc's mother company). He had helped me on a previous issue. I sent him the conversation with support, the confirmation email and a pic of the discs.

He wrote back to me and said, "Your ticket will be updated. Please do not make tickets or emails-it creates more work."

I could not believe the audacity. Of course Im not going to sit back and just let you do whatever I want. Andrew and I then had an email discussion that finally led to my points being released at 3:16pm. Too late for a direct deposit to be placed the next day. Which is what I needed.

I have closed my account with Instagc because it is not worth the stress or the disrespect one receives from not only the moderators but from the head office itself. I can back all of my complaints as I saved every communication with them.

Surprisingly they have an A+ rating at the BBB.

But I am going to make my complaint there now. I encourage everyone who has issues with Day Online or Instagc to complain there too.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: I really dont have one. What can be done when people are sarcastic and act like they dont care about the issue? Sorry doesnt cut it this time..

I liked: Easy instant spending money.

I didn't like: Site management.

  • Frozen Points
  • Day Online
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Topeka, Kansas, United States #961021

Hey members! Ive made a FB page where we can talk without fear of being silenced by mods or rules.

Just search for Members at FB. Also, feel free to contact me using the link above.

to angstnagony Topeka, Kansas, United States #961026

The link above doesnt work for customers. But my email is
Sellersburg, Indiana, United States #950494
Instagc Verified Representative

Yes of course we'd like to ensure we're paid for your completion on a trial or high paying offer as that is truly the only way we would know you legitimately signed up for it and didn't try to cheat/scam/fraud the offer or the site. Even though we still haven't been paid for your completion yet, as advertisers are slow to pay, we still went ahead and released your points to make you happy.

What did that do for us? Squat. It caused you to be upset because of the whole process itself, request to have your account closed, and then proceeding to make this post.

Cool. Peace.

to Topeka, Kansas, United States #950643

As Ive told you before, I wont pretend to understand how your side of this whole thing works. I understand you wanting to get paid.

You need too or your business will suffer. What I dont understand is this persistant idea that I am trying to scam you. I have sent you everything I have to prove they are in my possession. I can send you another picture of them right now if you wanted.

I am not a scammer.

I saw a great oppurtunity to better myself and I took it. Please do not judge me on what your advertisers have lacked to do.
to angstnagony Sellersburg, Indiana, United States #950648
Instagc Verified Representative


to angstnagony #1264174

While I understand your frustration, and while I do understand this is over a year old, I am just now reading it. I do get your frustration, and I myself can not stand the way mods speak to members; however, to be honest and fair on both sides, I will admit that 1) You're very impatient.

You stated above that you contacted him at 8 something AM, and he did not respond until 11 something. Dude, that is pretty darn quick. Most sites, even huge companies with 100's of employees, respond after about 2 business day. Mr.

Day is running a site with 1000's of members and about 15 or less staff, so for him to respond in the same day even, is impressive.

2) I can attest to the fact that Andrew is a very pleasant, fair, kind, and mostly professional man. I have personally dealt with him in the past and even when I was angry and mildly aggressive with him, he was very calm and kind to me. To the point where I actually felt embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior.

While I agree we have a right to project our complaint when they are legit, if we are being honest and fair, we also need to be willing to voice the positive too. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

And no, I am not a staff member, as a matter of fact, my very own complaints are about his staff. They are ruining his site.

I do not kiss their *** and I call it as I see it. I was just lucky enough that when I was irate, I was dealing with Mr.

Day and he had the patience to work with me and calm me down.

to Anonymous #1264176

I apologize, I just realized you said they did not respond at 11 something, so you rewrote them and they responded an hour and 45 minutes later. Still, that is impressive timing when a handful of staff are serving 1000's of members.

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