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Update by user Mar 14, 2015

I have chat access back since I have earned 800 points like they said.

Update by user Mar 01, 2015

I am NOW BANNED for sharing this on a REVIEW site where we REVIEW problems or even the good stuff.

Original review posted by user Feb 27, 2015

All I asked for was to talk to an Admin because I thought his/her job performance was VERY POOR and I cant even believe they act so stubborn.I don't think this person will actually last very long.

The chat lasted for hours and I sent a new DIFFERENT message and they said duplicate messages are unnecessary... Very nice system, DISGUSTING, HORRIBLE support, and the chat itself is very STUBBORN, RUDE, AND HORRIFIC. I do not recommend EVER talking to support unless it is mandatory.

They don't even give a dat to when the ban will be lifted!This is HORRIFICALLY IRRITATING

marknycstudent wrote the review because of poor customer service at Instagc and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Instagc to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was disrespectful treatment, poor customer service, having my account locked and site management. Author liked the most easy instant spending money and great idea. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Sellersburg, Indiana, United States #952518
Instagc Verified Representative

" I am NOW BANNED for sharing this on a REVIEW site where we REVIEW problems or even the good stuff." - you were already banned.

Your ban though turned into a permanent chat ban instead of temporary.

Your access to instaGC itself is still active.This will be the last response from an instaGC representative here on your Pissed Consumer disgusting support review.

to Topeka, Kansas, United States #952526

You are wrong in so many ways..

to Marietta, Georgia, United States #1213588

That figures.
Sellersburg, Indiana, United States #952458
Instagc Verified Representative

Your chat ban will be permanent now.

to Brooklyn, New York, United States #952497

What a threat. Do you want to ban me on the website itself too for sharing my opinion?
to marknycstudent Sellersburg, Indiana, United States #952500
Instagc Verified Representative

This isn't a threat.A threat would be like, " if you don't remove this post, your ban will be permanent.

" We have no reason to ban you from the website itself.You would only be banned if you cheat, fraud, or scam the website.

to Topeka, Kansas, United States #952512

How do you have the audacity to ban someone from chat on your site for what they have done on a site you do not own?Mr.

Day, if there weren't issues with your staff then none of us would have searched for and had to use this site to complain! We have the freedom of speech right which means we can say how we feel wherever we like to about your company. Are you going to try and ban everyone who has something negative to say? If so, I wish you good luck.

It would be much easier to just fix the problems in your customer service!

After all, that is what the majority of the complaints against your company are about.

to Cardington, Ohio, United States #1264168

I have sat here for the last two+ hours reading these reviews and comments from the most up to date (Dec 2016) to this very review right here, and I can not believe that over 95% of the reviews/comments ALL say that the staff are rude and throw their authority around like they are something special and yet it still has not changed.How many more of the same complaints do you.

need before you realize your staff are ruining the integrity of this site? How do you not see the pattern here? Maybe you don't care? I mean, seriously, A.D.

your staff are an embarrassment and by treating your members this way, they are disrespecting YOU. I am assuming that this website is your livelihood to care for your family, and you allow them to do this to the very people that are keeping your business afloat? I just don't get it. This many people can't all be wrong/liars.

Why would you continue to allow these rude *** people to disrespect the business you worked so hard to build? Man, have some pride in your business and make these people respect you and your members! I mean, I personally have dealt with you and you are for the most part, professional. You are also very kind, generous, and fair.

You went out of your way to help me, so I am just dumbfounded as to why a person with such morals as yourself, would allow your staff to act so atrociously at your/your site's expense.

You deserve better than that, man, come on.

to marknycstudent Topeka, Kansas, United States #958482

Congrats on getting it all worked out! Happy Earnings!

to Topeka, Kansas, United States #952514

Are you afraid that he will tell others about this site in your chat and thats why you banned him?

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